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iphone app geweldloze communicatie checkin NVC Check-In app, now available in the iphone store and android market

Welcome to the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Check-In Coach! To find connection with yourself, press:
- O for your Observation
- F for your Feeling
- N for your Need
- R for a Request to yourself

The NVCTM Check-In app helps you at the moments when you wish to connect with yourself or another. Using the model of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), you gradually become aware of what you observe, what you feel, what you need and what you could do (or ask others to do) to take steps towards meeting your need.

Connecting with yourself is the key to effectively dealing with all the triggers that you encounter in everyday life -whether these triggers occur at work or at home, whether you experience them as being pleasant or unpleasant.

Maybe your employer gives you so much work to do that you begin to feel stressed and unhappy; or someone says to you, - That is the way I am and you better get used to it... - or a car pulls out in front of you unexpectedly and you brake suddenly.

In all these situations you can choose to connect with yourself in order to transform struggle and stress into harmony and inner peace.

A Check-In is standing/sitting still in the moment, getting in touch with what is alive in you now and connecting with yourself. The creators of the NVC Check-In app would love to contribute to your connection at times when you want to:
- step out of a vicious circle of recurring thoughts
- clarify why a particular occurrence has such impact on you and what you can do about it
- translate judgements you have about yourself and others into feelings and needs - and experience how liberating this is!

Using the colours of the NVC Dance Floors and pictures from the Giraffentraum (Giraffe Dream) Project, the NVC Check-In app gradually increases your awareness of what you observe, what feelings you experience, what needs (fulfilled or not fulfilled) are underlying those feelings and what you could do to move on and create something new.

The following buttons guide you. Press (repeatedly) on:
- O for your Observation
- F for your Feelings
- N for your Needs
- R for a Request to oneself or another

At every step you are supported by a list of common observations, feelings, needs and requests.

From this list you can choose from some common Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests (OFNR, listed in uppercase) by (repeatedly) pressing the buttons, or you can choose from a more expanded list by clicking the selection and scrolling through the small menus.

You can also enter your own words in the empty fields below the OFNR suggestions, using your keyboard.

The sentence you make is updated continually and will be shown on the display.

For example, it might look like this:
- O: When I see in my diary that my interview is tomorrow,
- F: I feel nervous,
- N: because I need trust and acceptance.
- R (to oneself): Would you be willing, when you notice this feeling in the interview, to reflect on the experience you have accumulated in recent years?

Press Save to save the sentence. Here you can also use the phrase as a (nonviolent) tweet on Twitter or as a (connecting) status update / shared message on LinkedIn.

How to use the buttons at the bottom of your screen:
- Press (repeatedly) NVC in order to address the sentence to yourself or another person.
- Press Mail to email the sentence you have constructed to yourself or somebody else. An email screen will open in which you can customize and send the text. You might put a copy in your agenda app to have it sent to yourself every day at a specific time.
- Press Log to scroll through your history so that you can see what you needed before and what has helped you in the past. Here you can also delete entries in the log and email the entire log in comma separated (csv, can be imported in Excel) format to yourself.
- Press Apps for more supporting apps based on Nonviolent Communication.
- Press ? for information about how to use the app, for info about its creators and to redisplay the initial supporting question for an OFNR button.

We really hope that you experience a connection you enjoy while using the app and that the following sentence fulfills your need for inspiration.

Welcome and settle into
silence and inner peace,
connect with yourself
and what brings you here.
Breathe slowly
and try to really get in touch
with what you feel now
and what you need now.

This Check-In app is a co-production by
- iConsultancy (Martijn Ceelen, tooling)
- Ai-opener (Martin vd Meulen, content)
- 4Ring (Beatrice Nattermuller, design)
based on the model for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg CNVC.

Also we would like to thank all people who contributed, sending us idea's and feedback
and especially for this English version we would like to thank
- Elkie Deadman and Bridget Belgrave (translation).

For questions and suggestions, please contact the appmaster:

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